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Pool Stain Removers

Our company specialises in removing the most difficult and common stains found in swimming pools.  We treat stains such as rust, calcium, copper and black spot algae and all other types of stains without draining your pool water. Pool stain removal is all we do!

Over the years we have forged close working relationships with leading pool chemical companies and most major swimming pool manufacturers. It is these associations and our experience that provides us with all of the technical know-how to professionally restore your pool’s interior.

As well as being members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA), our technicians are also Certified Pool Operators (CPOs).  This internationally recognised qualification ensures that you are working with a company with qualified, experienced stain technicians who know what they are doing.

the pool stain removers

We remove the toughest of stains

In most cases, our customers have tried several expensive ‘all-purpose stain removers’ from their pool shop before calling us.  In almost every case, these treatments alone are too weak (or diluted) to remove stubborn stains.  Our treatment process ensures that the stains in your pool are diagnosed correctly and then treated with the right product so they are completely removed.

Unlike most pool service companies, our technicians are fully trained, with at least 7 years of experience -exclusively in stain removal. Our experience in stain removal has been built up dealing with issues in smaller home pools right through to larger resort and commercial facilities.

Copper stain reacting with chlorine

We remove stains without draining your pool

Our fully qualified and insured technicians apply safe chemical treatments with most stains being fully removed within a few weeks. Our treatment process not only removes tough stains but we also add prevention products that help keep the stains gone.  These prevention products are included in each pool that we treat. Remember, there is no need to empty your pool to remove stains


What about acid washing?

Acid washing can provide some results.  However, the process is sometimes not successful and in many cases the stains can quickly return.  An acid wash alone costs between $850-$4000 depending on the size of your pool and the severity of the stains.  This does not include the tap water needed to refill the pool which is around $185 for 50,000 Litres of water in major city councils.  There is also the cost of the salt, pool acid and buffer to rebalance your pool water afterward.

After all costs, most pool acid washes cost 4-5 times the amount of our treatment and most of the time acid washing is simply not needed to remove stains. For more information about pool acid washing click here.

Our treatment options



After a consultation on the phone with our technician we diagnose your stain and make a custom made kit with everything you need to easily remove it yourself.MORE DETAIL - CLICK HERE »


Our technician will come to you, test your water, diagnose stains and add the needed chemicals. We also inspect your pool equipment and give specific advice.MORE DETAIL - CLICK HERE »

Our Company Credentials


SPASA Members for complete peace of mind

Certified Pool Operator

Certified Technicians all with at least 7 years’ experience


Approved contractors for commercial and public pools

Why Choose Us?

Because you can speak to a stain specialist about your pool stain today. There is no cost or obligation and we are happy to look at pictures and talk with you before we come out or send a kit. Email pictures to or call us.

Our Products



Our two part granular calcium compounds are a two-step system which offer very high strength calcium dissolving.  These imported sequestering and dissolving powder compounds play an essential part in calcium removal and prevention.

These products have been used in over 2,400 pools over the years.  These powerful products remove calcium spots and also restores the original finish and colour of your pool.   It also has strong preventatives to help keep the calcium gone long after the treatment.

It has delighted our customers for many years



Our technicians and customers use this product daily to remove tough metal and mineral stains. Metals and mineral stains are often very challenging to remove without this product.  Because it is not sold in pool shops, they will often suggest acid washing to remove stains.

This compound has been the main treatment used in most of the images in our before and after gallery.     This unique imported blend of granular compounds combines the best available materials in stain lifting into one product.

When used with our prevention liquid it will remove tough stains and keep them gone.



Our stain prevention liquid is a vital part in our stain treatment success.  This product will disperse the metals and minerals that the PSR stain compound dissolves and helps to keep them from returning.  It will then help your filter to remove them from your pool.

It works hard in the water for up to 3 months and will keep dissolving the calcium over that time.

When used annually it helps to prevent calcium and stains from returning to your pool later on.



CuLator® Metal Eliminator and stain preventer is a scientifically advanced product designed to eliminate metals from fresh and salt water. CuLator takes chelating or sequestering agent groups and binds them to a unique, insoluble polymer backbone.

This allows metals to be physically removed and eliminated from pool, spa or fountain water, rather than simply sequestering metals in the water.

The chemistry to produce these polymers was developed over 25 years of scientific research.



The Pool Cleaner® combines the mobility of a robotic cleaner with the high filtration capacity of a suction cleaner.  It won’t form a pattern and will faithfully clean your pool floor each day.

We can supply and fit this cleaner to your pool if required.  It comes with all hoses and fittings and is very simple to install and use each day.

It has an amazing 6 year warranty and is supplied locally so parts are easily available.  Call for a great deal.

Google the online reviews, people love this great little cleaner.

Evolution Salt Water Chlorinator


Evolution chlorinators are locally made and have all the latest self-cleaning technology built in.  The manufacturer has plenty of spare parts available and great back-up service.  We have sold more than 100 of these units without any issues.

The product are made in Australia so it means that we are able to resolve any issues very quickly and replacement parts are easy to find.

They are simple robust units.  They are not full of electronic gadgets and gizmos that normally will fail in a few years in the heat and weather.  We often see other ‘high tech’ chlorinators fail completely in 3 years.

Beautec Easycare Products USA


Beautec is an effective calcium prevention formula that has been around for many years.  It uses a unique blend of materials to prevent calcium without adding phosphates or acids to the pool water.

Call or email us for further information.

Scaletec EasyCare Products


Scaletec works with Beautec to remove minor calcium build-up from swimming pools.  If you have visible calcium build-up in your pool please speak with us first.

This product has been sold in Australia for some time now and has built quite a reputation.



We stock the biggest range of pool cleaning equipment and pumps at the best prices.  We also have a wide range of energy efficient pumps available.

We also are able to install any needed equipment in most areas.  Call us today for a great deal.

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