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How to remove copper stains in swimming pools.

Signs of copper staining

Coloured stain that won’t brush away

Stain getting worse over time

Stain slowly changing colour

Chlorine treatment makes stain darker

Pool owners often wonder what the persistent brown, green or blue stains are in their swimming pool and how they came to be there.  Copper stains most often present as a light (mint) green or a light brown/grey stain on the walls and floor which can look similar to green algae.

Because of its similar appearance to algae stains, some people will shock dose their pool with chlorine which then oxidizes the copper staining.  This turns the copper stain a very dark colour almost instantly.  Even without shock chlorination, copper stains can become darker and discoloured by dirt and other minerals over time.  This can make them appear in various colours and shades on the walls and floor of the pool. Not all copper stains are the same in colour or appearance and this often leads to incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

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Causes of copper stains in swimming pools.

Products that will introduce copper

Copper based algaecides

Low quality pool salt

Pool heater copper pipes

Copper sulphate blocks

Bore water

Chlorine free pool systems

Copper staining usually occurs when copper is introduced into the pool from sulphate blocks, (copper and silver) chlorine free systems, low quality pool salt or copper based algaecides.  These products can add invisible copper ions to pool water.  If the residual copper from these products is not properly removed or managed, staining can occur – particularly if the water pH exceeds 8.3.  The rise in pH causes the copper ions that are normally suspended (floating) in the pool water to ‘plate out’ or stick to the pool surface.  This then causes visible discolouration in the form of a stubborn coloured stain.

Another cause of copper staining is unbalanced or acidic water.  This strips the residue from copper pipework in pool heating or solar equipment into the pool water.

Copper should be removed as soon as possible to prevent it from staining the pool.  We can assist you in removing copper and other metals from your pool water with our product CuLator Metal Eliminator.

Remove copper stains without draining the pool.

Most copper stains can be completely removed using our treatments on any pool finish including Pebblecrete, Quartzon, fibreglass, glass bead or fully tiled pools.  As the images show, we can remove copper stains from swimming pool surfaces without draining the pool water.  If you have substantial copper staining you may want to also consider our CuLator Metal Eliminator to physically remove the residual copper from the pool to prevent the stains from returning.

If you are unsure of the type of stain you have please feel free to speak with us.

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OPTION 1 – Copper Stain Removal DIY kit






  1 Litre of our powerful copper stain release and prevention formula

    4 Kgs of our granular stain dissolving compounds custom made for copper stains

   Phone support from our technicianss

  Simple step-by-step instructions

   Pool does NOT need to be drained

   Kit sent and tracked by Star Track Express

    Kids are back in the pool in 3 days

    Kit is $275 for pools 50,000+ Litres

OPTION 2 – Copper Stain – On site Technician






  1 Litre of our powerful copper stain release and prevention formula

    4 Kgs of our granular stain dissolving compounds custom made for copper stains

    Surface inspection and stain diagnosi

  Pump, filter and chlorinator inspection

   Complete 7 point on site water testing

   Your pool does NOT need to be drained

    Kids are back in the pool in 3 days

    Visit is $395 for pools 50,000+ Litres

Our Company Credentials

SPASA Members for complete peace of mind

Certified Pool Operator

Certified Technicians all with at least 7 years’ experience


Approved contractors for commercial and public pools

Removing copper from pool water.

Customers with large copper stains should consider using CuLator Metal Eliminator in addition to our treatment.  This product will remove copper from the water to help prevent the stain from reappearing later.  Our standard treatment will dissolve copper stains but will not physically remove all the copper from the water.  Common liquid metal treatments only ‘suspend’ rather than actually remove the copper from the water.  CuLator Metal Eliminator is unique because it can physically remove copper from pool water. Your pool shop will assist you in measuring the copper levels in your pool water.



**IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are able to remove almost all stain types.  However, we strongly suggest that you act on copper stains as soon as they appear. If copper stains are left for longer than 1 – 2 years they can sometimes be absorbed into the concrete pool interior.  In some cases heavy copper stains can discolour a pool interior permanently.  In these situations copper staining may still be visible or reappear within a few weeks even if the pool is completely drained and acid washed.  Heavy copper staining may require two full treatments to be removed.