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Our customers often ask us to recommend what the best stain remover is for their pool.  The answer is not as simple as suggesting a single product or acid as it depends on the type of stain.  Correctly diagnosing the exact stain type is sometimes the most challenging part of what we do.  Different types of stains can appear to be very similar ​in colour but the remedy needed to remove them can be very different.  Inexperienced pool technicians will frequently misdiagnose stains and often suggest various expensive ‘all purpose’ stain removal  products that have no effect. In some cases those expensive products, when not matched to the right type of stain, can make the stain look even worse and harder to remove.

Cost effective chemical removal for all types of stains.

Pool stain removal is all we do! Click on any of the stain types below for more information.

calcium deposits

Calcium Deposits

Rust stains

Rust Stains

copper stain

Copper Stains

Black spot algae

Black Spot Algae

Fibreglass calcium

Calcium on Fibreglass

Calcium on tiles

Calcium on Tiles

Salt Stains

Salt Stains

Metal stains

Metal Stains

Algae Staining

Algae Staining