How we identify pool stains

Correctly identifying pool stains is the most challenging part of what we do.  It also takes a lot of experience and visiting a lot of stained pools over many years.  Many different types of stains can appear to be very similar in colour.  However, the remedy needed to remove them can be very different.  For example, even experienced pool technicians will frequently misdiagnose algae stains.  This is one reason why we have more than 450 pool technicians as regular clients.   Also, many pool shops often suggest various expensive ‘all purpose’ stain removal products that have almost no effect. This is because they have no idea what the stain is and are using your money to test out different options.  One of the most common questions we are asked is how to identify pool stains.

The wrong treatments can make staining worse

In many cases, if stain products are not matched to the right type of stain it can make the stain even worse and harder to remove. Our customers often ask us to recommend the best stain remover product. The answer is the one that is right for your type of stain.  Remember, there is no single product that removes all types of stains.  So, don’t worry, after nearly a decade and 10,000 pools, we know how to identify pool stains and remove them.  Our process will save you a lot of time and wasted money experimenting with retail stain products that usually don’t work.

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Copper stain in swimming pool
This client was told by a pool shop to add a product to their pool to remove a small stain. However, 24 hours after adding the product the entire pool surface was black.
Mineral staining in pool
This client was told that a certain product was fine to use in her pool. Within 20 minutes the pool was brown, murky and stained.

Cost effective chemical removal for all types of stains.

Pool stain removal is all we do! Click on any of the stain types below for more information.

calcium deposits on quartzon

Calcium Deposits

Rust stains

Rust Stains

copper stain in pool

Copper Stains

Black spot algae on pebble pool

Black Spot Algae

Fibreglass calcium pool

Calcium on Fibreglass

Calcium on pool tiles

Calcium on Tiles

Salt Stains in pool

Salt Stains

Metal stains

Metal Stains

Algae Staining on fibreglass

Algae Staining

More information about stains can be found here.  However, if you are still unsure please feel free to email us some pictures of your pool.  We are more than happy to help you out.