Leaf stains in swimming pools – Removed without draining

If leaf stains in swimming pools are not removed promptly, they bleed or ‘sweat’ tannin oils onto the pool surface. In fact, tannin oils are in most tree and plant species and these brown oils will slowly stain most pools over time. Remember, most leaf stains fade away if they are not left in the pool for extended periods. Also, leaf stains appear as yellow or brown leaf shapes, or clusters, on the bottom of your pool that won’t brush away.

Also, if you have trees near your pool that drop leaves into the pool, it is important to empty the skimmer basket frequently. Otherwise, these staining tannin oils will dissolve through the leaves in the basket and stain the pool surface. So, the leaf basket acts like a tea bag that releases these staining oils into the pool, while still holding all the leaves in the basket.

So the good news is that our leaf stain remover treatments remove leaf stains completely without draining the pool or acid washing. Also, our proven leaf stain treatment process is very effective in treating and removing stains from Pebblecrete, Quartzon, vinyl-lined, and fibreglass pools.

Some leaf stains will fade away over time

Most leaf stains will fade away within a few weeks so we suggest waiting at least one month before calling us. As part of our code of ethics, we don’t believe in selling products to customers that they don’t need. So, if the stains have not changed after a month, then it is likely that they will remain in the pool until they are treated properly. Furthermore, the same advice applies to duck and bird droppings. This is because the minerals within this material are not dissolved with UV light or chlorine.

To see more examples of the types of stains that leaves can make on a pool surface click here.

Signs of leaf staining:

  • Brown stain that won’t brush away
  • Granular chlorine lightens the stain
  • Brown stains form where leaves gather
  • White plastics have a light brown stain
Algae in pool

How to remove leaf stains from your swimming pool

Almost all leaf stains in swimming pools can be completely removed using our treatments on every pool finish. We remove leaf stains daily from Pebblecrete, Quartzon, fibreglass, glass bead or fully tiled pools. As the image shows, we can remove stains from swimming pool surfaces without draining the pool, water blasting or acid washing. Remember, our treatment is a fraction of the cost of an acid wash!

If you are unsure of the type of stain you have please feel free to speak with us.

Leaf stains 2
Leaf stains 6
Leaf stains 7

OPTION 1 – Leaf Stain Removal DIY kit

What We Do 1


pool stain removal


pool stain removal



  • 1 Litre of our powerful leaf stain removal formula
  • 4 Kgs of our leaf stain dissolving compound
  • Phone support from our technicians
  • Simple step-by-step instructions included
  • Pool does NOT need to be drained
  • Kit is delivered and tracked by Aramex Couriers
  • Kids are back in the pool in just 7 days
  • Kit is $295 for pools 40,000+ Litres


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OPTION 2 – Leaf Stain Removal – On Site Technician


pool stain removal


pool stain removal



  • 1 Litre of our powerful leaf stain removal formula
  • 4 Kgs of our leaf stain dissolving compound
  • Pool does NOT need to be drained
  • Complete on-site water testing
  • Kids are back in the pool in 7 days
  • Visit is $465 for pools 40,000+ Litres


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How to prevent leaf stains in swimming pools

1. Make sure your automatic pool cleaner is working properly and is not blocked or congested with leaves. If you have a blocked pool cleaner you may notice that leaves are being pushed around the pool but not picked up by the cleaner. Remember, leaf blockages will often not completely stop the cleaner from moving around the pool so it may ‘appear’ to be working properly even though there is no suction. Therefore, we suggest using the best pool cleaners to prevent leaf staining.

2. Ensure that you maintain correct free chlorine levels in the pool water. Proper chlorine levels should allow the chlorine to dissolve most leaf staining within a few days without any chemical additives. However, certain tree species will leave stains that chlorine cannot break down. Please contact us if you feel this has happened in your pool. Remember, even the very best automatic pool cleaners will not remove these types of stains.

3. Create a physical barrier between the trees and the pool. You can do this by either covering the pool while not in use or trimming back trees near the pool that are dropping leaves. While this is not always possible, a barrier will reduce the leaf load and the time needed to clean the pool.  Finally, it will prevent constant blockages from occurring in your pool cleaner.

4. Empty skimmer basket regularly. Doing this will stop the tannin oils from the leaves from entering the pool water.  Remember, although the leaf basket has captured the leaf matter, the oils from the leaves still flow into the pool water (just like tea leaves in a teabag).  Therefore, removing the leaves from the skimmer basket will help stop this from happening.