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Wade Bosse

Wade Bosse is the founder and General Manager of the Pool Stain Removers Pty Ltd.  Wade has more than 20 years of experience in working with two of the largest cement manufacturing companies in Australia.  In those roles, he worked closely with the technical teams and learned and understood both the chemistry and issues relating to concrete in all types of applications.

The Pool Stain Removers are foundation SPASA (Swimming Pool Association) members.  They are also associate members of the National Plaster Council (NPC) based in California, USA.  The NPC are the peak research body that focuses on diagnosing and resolving swimming pool staining issues and problems all around the world.  Through these associations Wade collaborates with and conducts research with many of the most educated experts in the international pool industry.

As the former General Manager of the Quartzon pool business, Wade spend most of his time working with, and resolving technical issues with pool interiors all over Australia and New Zealand.  In this capacity, he was exposed to more than 1,500 problem pools that had been impacted by staining for a wide variety of reasons.

He has also the Australian Representative for EasyCare Products in California.  EasyCare manufacture and develop stain and algae treatment compounds for swimming pools.  He has also completed several consulting contracts for the largest scientific water testing equipment manufacturer in the USA.  The combination of these experiences led to the foundation of the Pool Stain Removers.

Many pool shop owners and pool service technicians lack the experience and background to accurately diagnose and resolve complex pool staining issues.  Much of the work that our company does is repairing staining that has arisen from poor advice from pool shops or online forums.  For this reason, Wade decided to focus his time and efforts in educating the industry and manufacturing about pool stains.  We have also developed our own range of proprietary imported products that effectively remove stains from swimming pools.

The Pool Stain Removers are the only company of its type in Australasia.  We are entirely devoted to the diagnosis and removal of swimming pool stains.  We look forward to being of service to you and making your swimming pool surface sparkle once again.