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The Pool Stain Removers Pty Ltd

Professional associations and memberships

National Plasterers Council

The National Plasterers Council (NPC)

The National Plasterers Council (NPC) is the largest organisation of its kind in the world. The NPC is unique because they focus their research primarily on problems and stains in swimming pool interiors around the world.  Using peer reviewed scientific methods the NPC scientifically investigates and researches problems with concrete pool surfaces spending many millions of dollars in the process.  The technical committee has several PhD qualified staff that are world experts in their relevant disciplines.

NSPF Certified The Pool Stain Removers

The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)

The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) is a global organisation that is focused on educating the industry in aquatic health, diseases and the safety of swimmers.  The NSPF also work closely with Government and regulators in setting mandatory minimum standards for recreational water management around the world.  In most countries there is no requirements for pool technicians to have any training or qualifications.  The NSPF is working hard to change that.


Swimming Pool and Spa Association

SPASA is an Australian based industry organisation that sets standards and practices for the swimming pool industry in Australia.  Working alongside Government SPASA guides the regulations and standards that govern the pool industry in Australia.  The business practices of SPASA members are closely monitored and all members must adhere to the highest ethical standards in order to retain their membership.

EBIX accredited


Trades Monitor verifies, maintains and keeps current the following information and more on contractors to ensure contractor compliance including:   Public liability insurance, Professional indemnity insurance, WorkCover insurance, Licences, Contractor Registrations and ABN and Contractor Safety Compliance.

Certifications 3
SPASA certificate 2019
Certificate of Currency 2019-20