The frequently asked questions below are some of the common questions we’re asked about our products.  Please feel free to call us if you would like further information.

Do I have to drain my pool water to use your product?

No.  All of our treatments work with the water still in the pool – even when the pool is clean and the stains are gone.

How much does it cost?

For most standard-sized pools, the kits are $245.00 including GST and delivery.

Where can I find reviews from people who have used your product?

We have a reviews page on our website and also 100’s reviews on our Facebook page.

If it’s all so good, why isn’t it sold in pool shops?

There are 3 main reasons why it is not sold in most pool shops:

  1. Most pool shops sign exclusive product supply agreements with their chemical suppliers to get bigger discounts.  This means that they agree to only stock and sell the products that come from their distributor.  This is why you often see all the products at the pool shop carry the same brand.
  2. If we did sell through pool shops then the product cost would be more than double as the pool shop (and the pool products distributors) all add their profit margins onto the price you pay.
  3. There is really good money in suggesting acid washing because they make $400 -$500 profit on the acid wash and they also get to sell you all the start-up chemicals you need when the pool is filled back up.  Why would they suggest us and lose that money?

How long do we wait before we can swim again?

You can safely use the pool again after 7 days.

What’s different about your products compared to pool shop stain removers?

Our products have seven active ingredients that we blend and grind together at our Gold Coast facility.  This makes the product significantly stronger and also allows it to capture a broad range of stains.  Most pool shop stain removers use a single organic acid which is usually citric acid which is far too weak to remove most stains.

What types of pool surfaces can it used on?

The products work on almost every pool surface type (except small inflatable kids’ pools).  It is effective on Pebble Pools, Glass Pebble pools, Quartzon, Beadcrete, Marblesheen, Vinyl Liners, Fibreglass Pools, Expoxy Pools, Tiled Pools, Fluoropolymer Coated Pools, Painted Pools, and Natural Stone Surfaces.

How long have you been in business?

We sold our first range of products back in January 2013 and since then have treated over 13,000 pools all over Australia.  We have since expanded to the United States and Canada.  We have continued to evolve since then as improved chemical technologies have entered the market.

Is your product harmful to pets if they drink the pool water?

We do suggest keeping pets away from the pool for the first 7 days but we have had more than 100 clients who have had their pets drink and swim in the pool water right after the treatment and are just fine today.

What if I live outside your service areas?

We can help you because we send our kits all over Australia.  In fact, most of our clients use the kit even in areas where we have technicians.  It is very simple and easy to do and has easy-to-follow instructions and a video as well.