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Hayward Phoenix Pool Cleaner

The amazing Hayward Phoenix cleaner is one of the best and most reliable cleaners on the market today.  Remember, we only sell and install pool equipment that we know has been proven to be reliable and is backed by Australian warranties. Importantly, our products have excellent local support and back-up service in the event of a warranty claim.  In addition, customer feedback (and our experience) enables us to recommend quality products to our customers.  As you know, this is so important in today’s world.

Please call us for the best price on Hayward Phoenix pool cleaners today.  You won’t be disappointed.

**WARNING: Many pool products do not have international warranties.  This means that equipment that is sold cheap from overseas websites often fail. So you will need to send back overseas for repairs at your expense! 

Hayward Phoenix

Hayward Phoenix Pool Cleaner – Features

Lightweight, robust and powerful

The Hayward Phoenix is a lightweight and powerful suction cleaner with very few moving parts and no fancy electronics that often fail within a few years.  Also, it is a strong, robust and a no-nonsense mechanical cleaner.  Unlike many others, you can operate at low suction and low pressure if you have an energy efficient pump. Also, the unique turbine design allows for the easy flow of large debris (leaves) through the cleaner.

Interchangeable throats

One unique feature of this cleaner is that it has interchangeable throats.  This means that your cleaner can work according to the water flow from your pump.  So, no matter if your pump is large or small, the cleaner will work effectively in your pool.  This will also allow the cleaner to create strong suction in your pool so that cleaning is powerful and thorough.

Adjustable skirt for powerful suction

A key benefit of this cleaner is that it uses the full force of your pool pump to clean your pool   Also, it uses your existing high flow pump and filtration system in your pool.  Remember, there are no fiddly little filters to constantly clean like some robots use.  Best of all, the strong suction also removes pollen, dust and debris from your pool surface.

It’s all in the box

A key benefit of the Hayward Phoenix is that it is very simple to setup and install into your pool.  You won’t need any tools and it comes with easy to follow instructions.  All needed parts come in the box including hoses, fitting, valves. floats and everything else you need to get it running in your pool.  You can set up your cleaner in less than 10 minutes and there are no tools needed.

2 year Australian based warranty

For peace of mind, the Hayward Phoenix offers you a comprehensive 2 year Australian warranty.  So we have plenty of spare parts and local support should you need it.  Above all, previous models have sold for nearly 10 years and have a great reputation for reliability.  Remember, some cheap cleaners have no local parts suppliers or backup service.  Often, this can be an expensive disaster if something goes wrong with your cheap cleaner.

The evolution of the Hayward Phoenix PoolCleaner




Hayward Phoenix in Action

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