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Pool Equipment 2

 We proudly supply and install the following products: 

The Pool Cleaner and Zodiac Tri Salt water chlorinators. All products sold are backed by Australian manufactures warranties. In fact, we visit many pools each year and have the chance to hear the positive and negative feedback from our customers about the equipment they have.  Consequently, this feedback (and our experience) enables us to reccommend the following products to our customers.  Likewise,these companies also provide excellent local support and back-up service if a warranty claim is needed.


**WARNING: Zodiac do NOT have an international warranty program.  So in some cases, Zodiac equipment is sourced cheaply from overseas and then sold at bargain prices from Australian websites. Therefore, if warranty repairs are required, these products may need to be sent back to the USA at your expense! .


The Pool Cleaner – Features

Self Adjusting Turbine Vanes

The PoolCleaner has patented, self-adjusting turbine vanes to maximise power from the water flow. This feature means The PoolCleaner can operate at low suction and low pressure. The unique folding vanes of the turbine allow for the easy passage of large debris through the cleaner.

Patented Steering System

The PoolCleaner has a unique, patented steering system that enables it to clean pools of all shapes and sizes. The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, turning the unit in different directions so it doesn’t get stuck in corners. Consequently, the 2 x Suction PoolCleaner travels 2.5 to 3.0 metres before turning (turns range from 90 to 450 degrees).

Robust Tyre Treads

The PoolCleaner has patented tyre treads that ensure excellent climbing ability and the manoeuvrability to handle any obstacle, making it ideal for all pool shapes and surfaces. Also, special tyres are available for tiled pools.

Easy to Install

The PoolCleaner can be up and running in just a few minutes by following the easy instructions. Everything you need is in the box – no tools or additional components are required.


The PoolCleaner comes with a 3+3 warranty (3 years full and 3 years pro rata).  There are various videos showing the pool cleaner in action.