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Customer reviews and comments

“Just an update on the pool after you treated it. I am very happy to say it looks fab! The yellow stains have disappeared after years of getting worse every year. Thanks heaps you saved us a heap of money by not having to empty it and get it acid washed. AWESOME GREAT JOB!”

Michelle – Broadmeadows VIC

“The pool water has come good and the pool looks amazing.  We can’t believe that the rust stains have gone, it’s fantastic.  Michael also really liked the little tester kit that you sent down as he hadn’t seen one before. Again,thanks very much for your help.”

Julie and Michael – Adelaide SA.

I received the order of the calcium removal kit with the powder compound. I purchased it to deal with the Calcium spots developing on my Blue Quartzon pool in Townsville (very ugly and impossible to remove and they kept appearing). Your delivery of the product was very prompt from order (2 days).  So with your instructions, I added the product and was able to start removing the Calcium spots from my pool with gentle brushing after 3 days. Within a week, all areas affected where back to normal, all in all very satisfied in the product & the service. It actually did as advertised!

Nigel – Townsville QLD

“I had very very bad copper stains. Local pool shop had two attempts over a few weeks, no improvement. Wade came out, did his magic with his chemicals. In short, stains gone within 2 weeks. Excellent service at a good price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Charlie – Toongabbie NSW

“Four days after treatment the stain was 98% gone. One week after treatment the stain was completely gone. In short, an unbelievable result. The pool water became cloudy a few days after treatment. I am using oxidiser to clear up the water and that is going well. I will be in touch regarding maintenance to keep my pool looking great at all times. Finally, many thanks for your help”.

Peter – Kangaroo Point  – NSW

“I highly recommend Wade’s services. Our pool was in a terrible way. We had the worst case of black spot you can imagine.  I have spent countless hours and hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to fix it. And, I had worn out 2 wire brushes. In short, I was at my wit’s end I found Wade online. He was helpful, prompt, and efficient. Best of all, unlike everyone else his fix actually worked!! Consequently, our pool is now clean and sparkling and we have never looked back. My only regret is we didn’t find him earlier.

Lynne” – Maitland NSW

“The brown spots on the steps have been driving me crazy for over 3 months.  Our pool guy told us that the stains were osmosis and that it had ruined the fibreglass. Thanks for getting rid of them for me. I really appreciate it”.

David – Castle Hill  NSW

“The green streaks across our pool have only continued to get worse. The issues we’ve had with the pool in the past have been very annoying to say the least.  We had even thought about getting rid of the pool and filling it in.  Thanks for making our pool look really nice again”.

Bill & Sandra- Benowa QLD

“MANY apologies for not contacting you sooner. Just a note to thank your for your amazing product that removed calcium build up from our pool and saved us at least $1,000 for acid clean.

Also, is there an ongoing maintenance program that I should be implementing to prevent future build ups? We are on very hard bore water.”

David – Dubbo NSW

“Watching the pool stains disappear in front of our eyes was the best thing that I have seen since the 2000 New Year’s Eve Sydney fireworks.

This is an amazing product. My skepticism vanished as fast as those stains. We’ve had many pool companies try putting regular market products with no avail.

The formula that you have produced is great not only for the fact that it works but also due to its non toxic nature. It also serves us in Australia as we need not drain the pool for acid washing.

Without doubt, I am very happy to be a referee from the Pool Stain Removers.  Finally, thank you once again for the wonderful service.”

Nalaka – Mornington Penisula

“My company constructed a metal patio cover over a fibreglass pool in Lithgow.  While grinding some of the bolts, some metal particles fell accidentally into the pool and left several large rust spots. Thanks to your treatment, all the spots have now disappeared and we’ve now received the final payment from our client.  In short, I am more than happy to recommend you guys to anyone.

Wayne – Patio Construction Company – Bathurst NSW

I engaged Wade Bosse of Pool Stain Removers to treat my swimming pool in Concord West for suspected Black Spot. Wade took an hour to perform the treatment, and it improved immediately. Basically, all evidence of black spot was gone within 7 days with no side effects. I couldn’t believe it. The added bonus was that I did not have to drain the pool to perform the treatment.

Six weeks later, the pool has honestly never looked better. It’s absolutely crystal clear with no blemishes. I’m extremely happy with what he’s done.

Wade also gave me water chemistry and maintenance advice which is far more credible than the pool shops. However, unlike the pool shops, the advice is honest and not biased to sell chemicals.

I strongly recommend Wade Bosse and Pool Stain removers to treat your pool.

Ef – Concord West NSW

“Just had a visit from Wade. More than satisfied with the service of cleaning our pool stains. I would not have believed it had I not see the results of the cleaning for myself. Also, the other pool cleaning tips he gave are invaluable. Cannot wait for my husband to see the results. Thanks Wade very much appreciated.”.

Jan – Hoxton Park NSW

“We had rust spots on the steps of our pool that we believe were from my grandaughter’s hair pins.  Our automatic pool cleaner had moved these pins around causing even more rust spots.  Three days after you treated these spots they were completely gone.  Your treatment did lower the chlorine level but that is improving now.  Again, thank you for all your help”

Peter – Spring Street, Beecroft – NSW

“I had spent months trying to get rid of a ‘mystery’ stain over the whole of my fiberglass pool. I also spent many hundreds of dollars with the local pool professionals who had several attempts at removing the stain. However, the stain kept returning. Basically, I was tearing my hair out and ready to fill the pool in with dirt.

Meanwhile, I discovered the pool stain removers and they came to the rescue.  Being in a distant country town we corresponded by email and phone only, and I was instantly impressed with Wade’s knowledge, his patience! with my many questions, and his ability to correctly determine the problem by photos and description alone.

The stain was a particularly stubborn one. However, with their product, the pool is blue again, crystal clear and the stain has not returned.   Thank you for saving my sanity and my going bald!    I am happy to add to the Pool Stain Removers reviews and recommend them to anyone with a pool stain of any kind.“

Sue – Mildura VIC

Thank you very much for your professional service and advice. We were lost to whom we should contact in regard to a large rust stain we acquired on the floor of our pool courtesy of a metal ring left in the pool for a couple of days. We Googled the internet and found your business ‘The Pool Stain Removers’.

After forwarding to you an email requesting advice and help on trying to remove the stain, your follow-up communication was great and your professional advice was spot on. We obtained from you some powder that you recommended that should remove the stain. I was hoping that it would remove some of the stain, but honestly didn’t expect it to remove 100% of the stain. But, it did! So after two applications, the stain was fully removed, took less than 36 hours to return the pool floor back to its original state. 100% of the stains are gone!

Finally, if anyone has similar markings or rust stains on their pool flooring, I highly recommend Wade and his business to you. Their service is very professional, they understand what their clients want and are so easy to communicate with. Again, thank you ‘Pool Stain Removers’. Highly recommend!

Patrick – Bundaberg

“I honestly didn’t think you would be able to get the stains out.  I work right next door to a pool shop and I had tried nearly everything to get rid of them before we called you guys.  Thanks for your time and effort and doing the job for the price you quoted”.

John – Silverdale NSW

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