Scale & Stain Eliminator

Our stain and scale eliminator is included in all of our calcium and stain treatment kits.  It is formulated and engineered to help keep stains and scale from leaving marks or deposits on your pool surface. This product is designed for use on brand new pools and old pools regardless of the surface type.  When used every 6 months this product will actively fight against calcium scale and metal and mineral stain formation in your swimming pool.

To prevent stains and scale, we source several advanced chemical technologies from the United States.  These products work together to achieve stain prevention in four unique ways whereas most pool shop products sold in Australia usually will only do one of these.


Dispersion is the ability of antiscalants to absorb onto crystals and impart a high anionic charge that keeps the calcium crystals separated. This works to keep the calcium that is in your pool water from gathering together and forming scale or lumps of calcium on the surface.

Threshold inhibition

Our products contain organophosphates and organic dispersants capable of distorting the crystal structure of calcium, preventing the formation of calcium on your pool surface.  It also helps to prevent the attraction and bonding of calcium to prevent future formation. It also allows for your pool water to be out of balance for a longer period of time before stain and calcium formation will occur.  In short, this chemical compound makes new calcium formation difficult and keeps your surface free of calcium.

Crystal modification

This compound disrupts, alters, and weakens the formation of calcium crystals which results in a soft non-adherent scale.  As the crystal begins to form at the submicroscopic level, negative groups located on the anti-scale molecule will attack the positive charges of scale nuclei, interrupting the electronic balance necessary to propagate the crystal growth.


This mechanism allows our product to attach positively to metal ions.  The metal is still in the pool water but is prevented from attaching to the surface of the pool.

Scale and stain eliminator

The product will also help prevent
calcium and staining in newly built
pools or new interior renovations.

This product is included in all of the stain and calcium kits and works to prevent the stains from coming back.  It can also be purchased individually from us for later use.

Scale & Stain Eliminator Prices

The prices below apply when the quantity below is placed as a single order.  Express delivery through Aramex Couriers anywhere in Australia.

1 Bottle Scale & Stain Eliminator – 1 Litre  $89  (Including GST and free delivery)
2 bottles Scale & Stain Eliminator – 1 Litre  $139 (Including GST and free delivery)
3 Bottles Scale & Stain Eliminator – 1 Litre  $189 (Including GST and free delivery)

How to order

Please call us or contact us online today to order. If you have ordered one of our stain or calcium kits then this product is included.