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Our products remove swimming pool stains without draining the pool water.  This saves you time, money and water.  Most people waste a lot of time and money trying several expensive ‘stain remover’ products before calling us. However, these products not only fail to remove the stain, but can make the staining worse!  Fact is, most ‘retail’ products are simply not strong enough to remove tough pool stains. Pool Stain removal is what we do.

We manufacture powerful treatments that work

Our proprietary range of imported products contain synthetic acids, sequestering agents, iron exchange resins and polymers.  Almost all of which have been fully tested and used for several decades in the USA and Europe. These commercial grade compounds ‘draw out’ and dissolve your pool stain. In fact, we custom blend these compounds for your specific stains.  Also, so we can make sure you have the right product, our products are not sold in pool shops. Depending on your stain type, the compound can usually remove stains within 2-5 weeks without draining the pool water or acid washing the surface. Stain treatments is what we do and all we do.

The proof of that our products can do is shown in the dozens of before and after images on our website.

the pool stain removers


We’re so confident that our products are as powerful as an acid wash that we guarantee it!  So, if our treatment doesn’t remove the stains and an acid wash does, then we refund your money  – no questions asked.

OPTION 1 – Stain Removal DIY kit

What We Do 1


pool stain removal


pool stain removal



  • 1 Litre of our powerful stain release and prevention formula
  • 4 Kgs of our granular stain dissolving compounds custom made for your stain
  • Phone support from our technicians
  • Simple step-by-step instructions included
  • Pool does NOT need to be drained
  • Kit is sent and electronically tracked by Fastway Couriers
  • Kids are back in the pool in just 7 days
  • Kit is $295 for pools 45,000+ Litres


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OPTION 2 – Stain Removal – On Site Technician


pool stain removal


pool stain removal



  • 1 Litre of our powerful stain release and prevention formula
  • 4 Kgs of our granular stain dissolving compounds custom made for your stain
  • Complete 7 point on site water testing
  • Your pool does NOT need to be drained
  • Kids are back in the pool in 7 days
  • Visit is $405 for pools 45,000+ Litres


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Our Company Credentials

SPASA members for complete peace of mind.


Certified technicians all with at least 10 years experience.

NSPF Certified The Pool Stain Removers

Approved contractors for commercial and public pools.

EBIX accredited

We carry $5 million in insurance for your protection.

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Why Choose Us?

Our stain specialists can speak with you now without cost or obligation.  Or, If you prefer, we can look at pictures and talk with you before we come out or send a kit. Email pictures to info@thepoolstainremovers.com.au or call us.

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Our Stain & Calcium Product Range

pool stain removal


Our granular calcium compounds are a two-step process which offer high strength calcium dissolving properties. These imported sequestering agents and calcium dissolving powder compounds remove calcium and also help prevent it from coming back.

These products have been used in over 8,400 pools over the 8 years. These powerful products restore the original finish and colour of your pool surface. The kit also contains a simple guide on how to balance the pool water so the calcium does not come back.

pool stain removal


Our technicians and customers use this product daily to remove tough metal and mineral stains. Because metals and mineral stains are often very challenging to remove, pool shops will often suggest acid washing to remove stains.

This stain compound has been the treatment used in many of the before and after images on our website. This imported blend of granular compounds combines the best available materials in stain lifting into one product.

When used with our prevention liquid it will remove tough stains and keep them gone.  These products are not sold in Australian pool shops.

pool stain removal


Our calcium and stain prevention liquid is a vital part of our treatment success. This powerful product will disperse the metals and minerals that the stain compound dissolves and helps to keep them from re-staining the pool.

The product works It works hard in the water for up to 3 months and will keep dissolving stains and calcium over that time.

When used annually it will prevent calcium and stains from returning to your pool.

Beautec Easycare Products USA


Beautec is an effective calcium prevention formula that has been sold in the USA for more than 30 years.  In short, it uses a unique blend of polymer materials to prevent calcium without adding phosphates or acids to the pool water.

Call or email us for further information.

Scaletec EasyCare Products


Scaletec works alongside Beautec to remove minor calcium build-up from swimming pools. However, if you have visible calcium build-up in your pool, please speak with us first.

This product has been sold in Australia for almost 10 years and has built quite a reputation.

black spot algae


Our two part algaecide treatment that does what many thought was impossible.   It removes black spot algae and keeps it gone.   The first one opens up the algae to break the protective layer. This then allows the second to penetrate the algae and kill it at the root.  Without these two steps, the algae just comes back again and again.  This process is why ours work and so many others just don’t.